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Security Technology
In any security plan the technological component is imperative in order to complete the optimal solution provided. Matcal International has gained vast experience with technology equipment from its personnel's background and from business partners.
We are in constant excellent connections with suppliers and manufacturers all around the globe and because of that, we can supply any equipment or technology that is requested for the civilian, governmental, and military field.

The following are some examples of technology equipment
which can be supplied based on clients needs:

· X-ray and ultrasonic solutions for security, medical diagnostics,
  non-destructive testing (NDT) and OEM components.

· Matcal International can supply Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and
  peripheral equipment.

· Tracking and transmitters devices

· Optical finder and observation system

· Advanced technology of "sniffers" - explosive detector

· Mail packages scanner

Items are chosen after analyzing client's needs and with special attention to the client’s demands. Like in all Matcal International activities, we always operate in full discretion out of the awareness to the client's needs.

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