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Piracy Returns
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Piracy Returns
Matcal International Provides Security & Protection Services for Shipping companies, Oil Riggs and other maritime and on shore facilities and assets. Our team of experts has the necessary military experience and technologies to offer an array of services and solutions which in the case of commercial shippers will assist aid and employ measures of sound safety and zero hijackings.

Acts of piracy have occurred for as long as people have travelled by water, evolving as opportunities for enrichment increased.

What has always set piracy apart from robbery and theft of similar value committed on land, however, is the challenge it sets to international authorities and the threat it poses to trade.

An estimated 90% of the world’s traded goods travel by sea. Huge supertankers and container ships, together with a massive flotilla of smaller merchant vessels, carry everything from oil to motor vehicles to their ultimate destinations.

They need to satisfy stringent maritime security laws but that recently-introduced legislation does not address a new threat that is now making headline news around the world – the pirates of Somalia.

We believe that this increased awareness, supplemented by the necessary skills to deal with a situation, is the key to defeating the majority of incidents likely to be experienced by commercial vessels and bring their vulnerability to 0% in pirate attacks.

The threat of Somali pirates has grown in size and in capabilities. They have a command and control structure, logistics experts, intelligence operatives, and most important - financiers.
In our view there are two main points to be considered in order to tackle this growing threat of maritime piracy:

1. An Onboard Security Team - A solution based on response teams quartered on the ship.

2. Technological solutions - A solution based on various technological means.

The choice of the best solution or integration of solutions can only be done after surveying the client’s exact needs, assets and threats.

Matcal International, through its training division, is also capable of providing training for merchant marine crews at any given level and / or related services to recognize and avoid potential threat and the ability to respond to incidents in any of a number of hostile or hazardous environments. As veterans of various specialforces units and other security services, Matcal International security protection teams have strong counter-terrorism qualifications, knowledge and experience in various covert and overt security missions.

Matcal International personnel are skilled and experienced in conducting various types of operations, and are prepared for unplanned events and unexpected changes.
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