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Thank you for your interest in Matcal International. Whether you have questions about our operations, training services, or consulting, our skilled professionals are ready to assist you.

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Equipment and Supply
Matcal International provides advanced risk assessments and practical cost effective solutions to even the most complicated security situations.

Matcal International Equipment Provision Division is well connected to manufacturers of various kinds of equipment in Israel and around the world and ready to provide you with any piece of equipment available. Furthermore, our experienced experts will be glad to advise you regarding the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for your needs.

Matcal International provides equipment in various fields:

Military Ground Forces : Matcal International can provide a full-package to meet the needs of any form and kind of ground forces, from personal gear for the private soldier up to equipment and platforms for the platoon and unit. We can supply various kinds of equipment for Regular Infantry, Special Forces, Snipers, Navy Seals, Counter Terror Units and more.

Counter & Anti -Terror / S.W.A.T : Matcal International can provide a full range of the most advanced & Hi Tech equipment for Counter and Anti-Terror teams and units.

Homeland Security : Matcal International can provide a full range of equipment for protection of maritime ports, airports, train stations, military bases, prisons, factories, hotels, private residences and compounds.

Military Naval Forces : Matcal International can provide a full range of equipment for the military/maritime environment from personal diving equipment to boats and radars.

Riot Control : Matcal International can provide a full range of products and equipment for riot control tasks from "head to toe" gear for the riot-control officer to special items for entire units such as riot control vehicles.

K9 - Dogs : Matcal International can provide solutions that include: locating suitable dogs, training the dogs for their future job, training the local dog handlers and training a local team for ongoing fitness and operational maintenance with all the necessary equipment. We supply well trained explosive detection dogs, drug detections dogs, assault, defense or riot control dogs, tracking dogs, counter terror dogs and guard dogs.

Ballistic Protection : Matcal International can provide a full range of ballistic protection plates, body armor, helmets, armored vehicles, special armoring and armored gear complying with the highest international standards.
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