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Thank you for your interest in Matcal International. Whether you have questions about our operations, training services, or consulting, our skilled professionals are ready to assist you.

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All correspondence and communication will be held strictly confidential between Matcal International and the inquiring party.
Matcal International offers courses in the following areas:

Close protection training course:
The course objective is to provide you with all the necessary practices to work as an executive protection agent as soon as you complete the two-week training course.

The course includes unique methods that can be applied in any close protection situation around the globe.

· Exposure to the security world community, networking.

· Israeli security and US federal agent methodology taught by Matcal International
  expert instructors, who have years of experience both in the field and in CP training.

· All the necessary tools to build you as an executive protection agent.

Special police units for specific & defined assignments :
Anti-crime/ Anti-Drug smuggling & Intervention/ Anti-Terror Police units/ Training of Police Detectives and Investigators/ Management of Police Intelligence units, etc.

Military : Consultation, Training & equipment provision for various military units, including; Special Forces, Snipers, Infantry, etc.

Operational driving : Training & Supply of special vehicles/ special all terrain vehicle units (SATVU). The objective of the protective driving course is to help security professionals develop skills in all aspects of protective driving. The course offers the optimum mix of hands-on, behind-the-wheel vehicle maneuvering techniques, practical knowledge, proactive planning and safety. Strong emphasis is placed on the synergy between driving skills and the driver's integral role on the security team.

Border & Immigration security forces using advanced modern technology :
Smuggling and illegal immigration require a well trained task force, capable of handling this kind of threat. Matcal International is able to assemble and train such units. Moreover, the company can advise on the infrastructures needed to establish border terminals.

Special Intelligence Units /Undercover Surveillance and Intelligence gathering :
The development of Intelligence units for the gathering and processing of Intel information/ Training detectives & investigators for recruitment of enemy agents and informers/ provision of technological surveillance equipment for training personnel to operate this equipment. This kind of training is relevant to Police & military Intelligence units and Intelligence agencies.

Prison enforcement & Riot control : Consultation, equipment provision & training of special units for Riots & emergency situations in prisons, such as prisoner insurgency.

Special police units / S.W.A.T forces : Matcal International has extensive experience in developing special capabilities for police units additional to basic training. These special capabilities include: hostage situation management, sniping & sharp-shooting, dealing with kidnappers, demolition, technical and explosive breaching and more.

Private sector : Consulting, training and equipment provision for hotels, banks, infrastructure facilities, factories, offices, public transportation, etc.

Krav Maga : "Contact Combat" Krav Maga is the official close quarter combat of Israel`s Armed Forces and Security Agencies, as well as various Law enforcement and Military units around the world.
The worldwide growing demand for Krav Maga training urged Matcal International come out with a new special training program designed for all kinds and levels of participants including private, commercial and governmental organizations.
We offer two basic programs - one week training and two week training. We can provide Krav Maga training only or a combined program with daily sessions of Practical Shooting, Operational Driving, Wall Climbing and other challenging activities made to enrich the participants` knowledge and skills.
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