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Thank you for your interest in Matcal International. Whether you have questions about our operations, training services, or consulting, our skilled professionals are ready to assist you.

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About Us
Our vision is to centralize all security and defense knowledge under one roof and then to export this knowledge directly to the decision makers in the governmental, corporate and private sectors.

Matcal International is an elite company providing security related services, aiming to work with governments, armies, large security companies and multinational corporations. With the vast experience of our professional manpower in the security world, Matcal International provides HR services, consulting and training in military and security professions.

While working closely with the United States' and Israel’s top security experts, consultants and leading technology companies, Matcal International provides the most efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions according to the demands of each client.

Our proven experience includes security and defense missions in more than 18 countries worldwide.

We can assist in:

· Establishing and Instructing Special Forces
· Providing various Maritime Security Services
· Providing Consulting to Militaries and Special Forces
· Implementing New Weapons in different armies
· Providing Training and Consulting to SWAT teams
· Implementing Security Layouts according to Security Risk Assessments
· Providing Physical Security and Body-Guard services to Celebrities and global executives

Matcal International is a worldwide provider of homeland security, counter-terrorism operational and training solutions. We have been globally operational since 1996 operating in numerous countries and locations.

Matcal International is staffed by veterans of the Israeli and United States military, elite police units and various intelligence agencies. Matcal International specialists are veterans of the Israeli and United States security forces who have gained valued knowledge and combat experience during their years in the line of duty.

Our company's expertise includes: executive protection, counter-terrorism warfare, intelligence, special urban warfare, crime fighting, security consulting, military training and more. Additionally, our company's consultation division is based on the most advanced security techniques and theories.
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